The company

Azienda Agricola Cascina Pugnane dei f.lli Ghisolfi is situated on a hill where the Municipalities of Barolo, Monforte and Castiglione Falletto meet, in the heart of the Barolo area on the hill of Pugnane "CRU" area recognised as such by the typical toponomastic maps starting from the very famous nomenclature of Ratti of Abbazia dell' Annunziata.


There are 6 hectares of land of which about 4.5 hectares dedicated to the production of Nebbiolo wine from Barolo and Dolcetto DOC, 1 hectare to the cultivation of the Piedmont Nocciola and the remaining 0.5 to collateral aspects of the farm (building, wine cellar, fruit growing, etc.). The annual capacity is over 350 tonnes of grapes produced. The company is mainly single-cultivation: Barolo, small quantities of Dolcetto and Nocciole in areas where the vines would have had no proper development and maturation.

Production is carried out in such a way as to keep the share of production of wine in the bottle very reduced and concentrated on the essence and quality of the final product. Therefore it is currently focused on the final production and marketing of only 2,500 bottles a year of Barolo DOCG and a residual share of 1000-2000 bottles of Dolcetto.
The rest of the production is sold to other operators during the various phases of production.

All plant, treatment and operational management activities are conducted in compliance with the European Law 2078 governing the best current ecological conditions of production and implemented by highly qualified personnel both in the preparation phase and in control of wine aging. The intrinsic security of the DOCG branded finished product is the natural completion of this activity.



In 2005, under the leadership of brothers Ivo and Enzo, restructuring work began on their grandfather's old cellar. The structure housing the barn and woodshed was totally demolished. The woodshed that originally served as a dunghill for the barn is now a tower overlooking the hills of the Langhe.

For construction of the new underground aging cellar, much of the land of the hill, hazelnut groves and adjacent vineyards were temporarily displaced. At the same time, a connecting tunnel was created between the new and the old cellar. The first phase of renovation lasted until 2008. In 2010, work continued with finishing of the interiors.

Currently it is planned to build rooms that will be ready to accommodate customers who want to live a unique experience of a stay among the vineyards. Work on the square that faces the terrace on Pugnane hill was also recently completed, making it an ideal place for the organisation of degusation events for the winery's products.